Music Video Premiere: The Royal Volts’ ‘Til It Breaks’

The Royal Volts are about to kick off with a heavy EP full of punchy classic rock. The release of their four-song debut ‘Enough Is Never Enough’ is coming out later this month but today we’re getting treated to the premiere to their new singlem ‘Til It Breaks’. It just happens to come in a convenient music video format.

‘Enough Is Never Enough’ was recorded late last year at Codapop Studios  with producer Jon Landry (The Stanfields, The Town Heroes, Like A Motorcycle), and this is definitely some respectable boot stomping rock and roll. It’s rings of a workin’ man’s Guns N Roses ‘Paradise City’, but without having to put up with Axl Rose.

The video, on the other hand was directed by Ben Stewart, and is a blend of Stanley Kubrick and Douglas Adams. There’s a little bit high-tech interrogation, and a little bit of being forced to fill out a form under duress at the hands of an alien who looks like he hates his job.

Apparently the problem of casting became an issue during filming, and corners had to be cut according to director Ben Stewart.

“Finding an alien, (let alone one that would work for beer and cigarettes), wasn’t easy. It was actually quite impossible. But that’s the fun of make believe,” says Stewart.

“You slap a cheap mask on your friend and if you tell em’ how AWESOME it looks enough times, they’ll just go with it. That’s why doing these super over the top ideas is a blast. It’s challenging, it’s absolutely hilarious, and you get to have straight up fun.

All of us have worked together on dumb youtube video’s in the past, so the band already knew wearing brain-scanners for hours on end or googling Mr. Bean episodes for shot inspiration was just part of the process. It’s great working with a team like that – there’s no ego. It’s sharing new ideas, being somebody your not, and playing good fuckin’ music in the process.

I think for the next video though, we’ll put out calls for legendary monsters or otherworldly beings sooner – if anyone is going to help save our species, it’s gonna them.”

The Royal Volts’ ‘Enough Is Never Enough’ is set for release on Friday, May 26th.