Like A Motorcycle (KT Lamond)

New Music: Like A Motorcycle’s ‘High Hopes’

For anyone who isn’t a regular fan of the genre, punk rock might all sound the same. It’s about getting out of your small town, getting drunk, and eating pizza – all great ideas. But this four-piece punk rock band from Halifax is anything but stereotypical. The all girl group Like a Motorcycle includes Michelle Skelding (drums, vocals), Jillian Comeau (guitar, vocals), Kim Carson (bass, vocals), and KT Lamond (guitar, vocals). The four have recently released their debut full length album ‘High Hopes.’ The ten song release is dark, dirty and downright amazing.

The longer you listen to this album, the harder you’re going to be hit with the beat of the drums, the shredding guitar, and bass solos. All in the best way possible. The harmonies between the girls just add to the different layers in each track. Filled with the perfect amount of angst, anger and general badassness, ‘High Hopes’ is the perfect addition to your playlist for the final days of summer.

The title track of the album shows off the darker, heavier vocal side to the band. “High Hopes” is filled with intoxicating guitar and intriguing metaphorical lyrics. Leading into “Into the Night” the darker side of the band continues. The guitar stands out behind the harmonious vocals, entrancing the listener, holding your attention until the last chord rings through. “I Don’t” picks up the beat, giving us the darkest subject matter on the album, “I don’t believe in any light…please don’t retrieve me, let me go, my breath is gone and my body is cold.” The last song and longest of the album, clocking in at just over four minutes long, “Stains and Burns” gives the listener one last taste of just how well their voices fit together and will leave you impatient for another taste of Like a Motorcycle.

The Halifax group are proving that the typically male dominated genre isn’t always so cookie cutter when it comes to sound. ‘High Hopes’ is an amazing example of not only female talent, but also that of Halifax and the music scene on the east coast. They have a few tour dates in the upcoming months, including some over seas in Europe, as well as at home in Nova Scotia. Check out ‘High Hopes’ now and be sure to follow Like a Motorcycle online so you don’t miss whatever they happen to do next.