Who We Are

The East emerged in 2014 as a love letter to Atlantic Canada. Known for its picturesque scenery, historic traditions and kind (though somewhat quirky) inhabitants, Atlantic Canada is a goldmine of arts and culture.

Discovering the nooks and crannies of East Coast culture is what we are all about. Each week, we will introduce you to more of the interesting individuals who are the imaginations behind some of your favourite music, books, art, websites, foods and beverages.

Consider The East your hand-crafted mixed tape: a compilation of favourites, old and new.

Your Thoughts

Yes, we writers are a sensitive bunch, our already fragile egos berating us with self-doubt inflicting running commentaries. In spite of it, we want to know what you think, what you want, and what you don’t want. Send us your reactions—the good, bad, and ugly.

Please be gentle. For all inquiries, applause, and complaints, you can reach the editor at AlexCook@TheEastMag.com.


The East is overseen by an enthusiastic group of writers and photographers who are passionate about all things Atlantic Canada; if you’re reading it, you probably are, too. We are always looking for fresh voices. You’ve heard our stories. We want to hear yours. If you’d like to become a regular contributor, have a story to tell, or an uncovered Atlantic Canadian treasure to boast about, pitch it here. Bonus points if you know how to use a semi-colon.

Join us. We’re weird, but harmless. Show us what you’ve got here.


The East has advertising opportunities for local businesses around Atlantic Canada hoping to engage an audience of arts-and-culturally-minded readers. With a growing readership and social media presence, we are fearless in the face of arid financial landscapes! Our predominantly Millennial audience is chomping at the bit to buy locally curated goods. Here’s your chance to show them just how local you are.

Contact us for more info and a copy of our rate card here.

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We believe in promoting the place we live in, celebrating it, making it accessible, and growing something that could make it even better. We don’t believe in things like subscriptions and pay-walls. We don’t mind going the extra mile (or kilometer) for our supporters, though, and whenever possible, we like to include the occasional bit of bonus material for the people that help us make this all happen. Right now that means sharing all the extra photos and behind the scenes shots that inevitably come with every feature, but we’ve got more in the works.

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