Tomato/Tomato Release Video For ‘Toss It All Away’

Today, Tomato/Tomato‘s John and Lisa McLaggan announced the release of their first video, ‘Toss It All Away’.

“The song is about those days where you just want to throw in the towel and disappear from the world a bit; just live off the land with your family”, Lisa tells me. Suitable to the song’s themes, the video itself is the quintessence of simplicity, a window on the everyday adorableness that the Saint John duo embody. “Basically, we did it all live, we really wanted to capture what we do at our shows,” which is to say, all that fancy footwork isn’t the product of elaborate cinematography and clever video splicing, but the genuine Tomato/tomato experience. Lisa’s combination washboard/kick-drum/kick-tambourine tap-dance is an impressive staple to their live performances.

Jordan Mattie came over one afternoon, and we just set up and started filming. He had fancy cameras, and we have a fancy studio, so it was the perfect marriage”.

You can find more Tomato/Tomato at their Facebook Page or their profile at CBC Music.