Music Video: Jenn Grant Rocks Some Fringe In ‘Sorry Doesn’t Know’

What could be better than Jenn Grant except for maybe four or five Jenn Grants? We’re not talking about an aggressive cloning program for when you need the perfect backup singer, just her new video for ‘Sorry Doesn’t Know’.

For all our fancy futuristic talk, Grant’s new video finds its strength in some seriously retro vibes and more fringe than your mother would know what to do with. It’s a whole lot of Stevie Nicks meets something from out of Dianna Ross’s closet.

Grant lulls us into a groove with all that hypnotic swaying, and we are more than prepared to sashay along through whatever smoke filled den we get lured into. Break out the disco balls and we’ll struggle into our finest leisure suits.

It makes us long for a time we’re not quite certain ever really existed outside of Saturday Night Fever or Boogie Nights. It seems a whole era has gone by the wayside when dancing was an art form universally embraced, rather than this modern age of shuffling along, staring at our shoes.

It’s also a reminder that the age of music videos, or at least the idea of mainlining them through MTV, is long dead. There’s an expectation for musicians to have them, simply as proof of existence, but an all powerful and unending curated platform has been replaced by the vast echo chamber collective of the internet. It’s divided the spectrum between all the polish of the high and mighty, the Beyoncés and Kanyes of the world, and everyone else working without a net. To compete often means to reinvent, and what Grant shows us is that there might be  no place better to do that than right back at the beginning.  If you can’t be new, then you can at least knock the classics out of the park.

‘Sorry Doesn’t Know’ is the second video from Jenn Grant’s Paradise. Her video for ‘Galaxies’, which is much more modern, made our Best Music of 2017 (so far) list. The album overall is a significantly poppier than what we’re used to hearing from Grant, and we’re enjoying it regardless of how it’s being presented.