Jenn Grant

Music Video: Jenn Grant’s ‘Galaxies’

Jenn Grant is a veteran songstress and definitely no stranger to the East Coast music scene. Having consistently released singles and albums since 2005, the singer has been a constant sound in the earbuds of fans for over a decade. A video for her song ‘Galaxies’ was released this morning, and its already making waves with it’s eye grabbing cinematography.

The song itself tells a story of being far from home, and the dusky lights and colours of the video depicts that idea clearly with an other worldly quality. It’s like an episode of Stranger Things crossed over with Future Forest.

“I think [director] Adam Goldhammer did such a fantastic job working from that idea. He created something totally unique that has become the heart of the song” says Grant.

Grant say that making the video for ‘Galaxies’ was an opportunity to experience something new while creating music. It’s was her first time getting the chance to work with her brother Daniel Grant as a cinematographer.

Grant says that the partnership has paid off not only on the production value of the release but also on a personal level as well, “He’s an amazing brother and amazing cinematographer… I’m more proud of this work than anything I’ve ever released.”

As a veteran song-writer says that her process always starts with the music, and as was the case with ‘Galaxies’ began with long-time collaborator Dan Ledwell. “Once that was settled, the words and melodies came out quickly. That’s often the case with songwriting for me. There’s an urgency to it.”

“I can never tell if the songs are good or bad for a while. I think this one is pretty special though.”

Grant’s newest album, Paradise comes out March 3, 2017 and with that comes a full tour. She’ll be headed across Canada, into the US, as well as hopping over the pond to the UK and Ireland.