Earthbound Trio (Arlynn Webster)

New Music: Earthbound Trio’s ‘Ditch Flowers’

From the emphasis of the reggae phrasing in their music, to country-esque ditties, to fast-paced drum beats that nod to the rock legends of old, to irregular tempos found in blues and funk tracks, Earthbound Trio’s latest album, ‘Ditch Flowers’, has it all.

Homegrown with love in New Brunswick soil, lyrics and melodies of Dwayne Doucette, recorded and mixed by John McLaggan of Porchlight Studios (and Tomato/Tomato) in Saint John, NB, and produced by Grant Heckman, their music truly emanates from local roots.

The album begins with a fast-paced catchy tune ‘Let It Go’; a song riddled with guitar riffs and ear-piercing harmonics, it reminisces of a past fantasy-rich love. The album is more than just love songs though; politically, the Trio is unafraid of delving into deeper issues or of vocalizing their opinions. The lyrics to their song, ‘Big Man’, remind blue-collar workers of the resilience that aches to exude from their bones in reaction to the oppression in their lives:

‘From up on the hill, it’s easy to throw stones/While you’re eating like a king, tossin’ us just the bones/Rushing to the streets, it’s time to let people know/‘Tic toc’, goes the clock. Man, it’s time for you to go/Big old man, you think you’re oh so strong/You think that we’re weak; we’re gonna prove you wrong’

‘Miner’s Song’ resonates with those from towns affected by the dark, cool depths of New Brunswick’s underground. It tells the story of a miner who is working hard so that his children do not have to live like him. The sound of clinking chains and a steady walking beat remind the listener of the rhythmic clanging of shovels and picks on crumbling walls of stone.

The marriage of their unique sound to the resonating truths and political challenges that are found in their lyrics make Earthbound Trio a resounding force of nature that is a true affirmation to the natural presence in the band’s name. Earthbound Trio’s unique New Brunswick sound resonates with the people of our province. The organic sound of the Trio is certainly a local gem that you’ll want to dig up, polish off, and treasure.

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