In Review: TNB’s ‘The Boat’

Theatre New Brunswick has begun ‘The Boat,’ based on the classic Alistair MacLeod short story of the same name and adapted for the stage by Fredericton playwright Ryan Griffith. Their final professional production for the season, excluding the season’s two student-run productions, ‘The Boat’ is a uniquely Maritime experience. From the sea shanties and the characters’ mannerisms to the overarching narrative of family and tradition versus personal desire, every aspect of the play draws from its Atlantic roots. Continue reading In Review: TNB’s ‘The Boat’

Nationwide Collaborative Brew Includes Beers For Each Province

Canada is celebrating its 150th year of confederation this year. It’s something that (most) Canadians are celebrating in a big way – from national campaigns, to events being hosted by smaller businesses it seems likes everyone is getting involved somehow. One of our favourite ways we’re seeing people get in to the spirit of things is a nationwide collaboration of craft brewers being hosted by Red Racer (of Central City Brewing) in Surrey, British Columbia. Continue reading Nationwide Collaborative Brew Includes Beers For Each Province

New Music: Jon McKiel Releases ‘Memorial Ten Count’

Jon McKiel has just released his latest album, ‘Memorial Ten Count’. Taking its name from the ten-count toll rung in honour of a champion boxer’s passing, the album was recorded in ‘the nether regions of Nova Scotia’ with Aaron Mingle of Cousins and Joyfultalk alumni Jay Crocker and Shawn Dicey. ‘Memorial Ten Count’ skillfully mixes grand ideas with raw sound, using fuzzy audio, echoed acoustics and thought-provoking lyricism to create an album that’s hard to forget. Continue reading New Music: Jon McKiel Releases ‘Memorial Ten Count’

New Music: B.A. Johnston’s ‘Gremlins 3’

B.A. Johnston’s newest release, Gremlins 3 is his 11th studio album, recorded in Nova Scotia with Saint John rockers, Reagan’s Rayguns backing six tracks. Johnston, who is known for his raucous shows from coast to coast, sticks to what he knows on this album. Despite little change stylistically, Johnston always seems to find fresh new material. His country-punk sound fits right in at your favourite bar or your friend’s kitchen party and the lyrics are relatable on a national level. Continue reading New Music: B.A. Johnston’s ‘Gremlins 3’

New Music: Andrew Sisk Releases ‘Antarcticalia’ EP

Andrew Sisk can fit a lot into three minutes. In each track on his new six-song EP Antarcticalia, he does in that timespan what many musicians are unable to do with more. Grab attention, create a scene and let go at just the right moment. He sings intimately over a gentle and sometimes sparse arrangement that gradually evolves as additional instruments are layered on. Once he’s set up the plot and all the layers are in place, he passes the spotlight to the music, letting it take centre stage as it continues to build, coming alive to carry the listener through to the end. There’s never any filler, no unnecessary repetition or interludes that take the song off focus, and there’s never a moment when it feels too long or too short. This is a skill many lack that Andrew has mastered. Continue reading New Music: Andrew Sisk Releases ‘Antarcticalia’ EP