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Halifax Instrument Library: Instruments Wanted

This fall, Halifax has been all abuzz with talk of libraries; from the rising success of the Halifax Tool Library, to the brand-new Halifax Central Library, Haligonians are now, more than ever, embracing the culture of sharing. A third library is emerging on the scene in the form of a musical instrument library, being pioneered by the good folks at the Halifax Music Co-op. Interim Development Director for the Co-op, Stephanie Pronk, has been appointed as the fundraising champion for the library project. “The Halifax Music Co-op is all about making music accessible. That’s actually our mission: music for everyone. Currently, we’re really accessible in that you can come in, play an instrument, and there’s very little commitment from you; you just have to show up for your lessons and take part in the ensembles. You only have to pay as little as one dollar per year to be a member. Financially, it’s open to whoever wants to join; the only problem is that you have to come with an instrument because we don’t have any.” Continue reading Halifax Instrument Library: Instruments Wanted