Music Video: Mike Trask Releases ‘Shock To The System’

God bless the Mike Trasks of the world.  It can’t be too much to ask for – this guy has to be one of a kind and he’s only getting more unique. His full length release of ‘DeRealization’ back in April confirmed what many of us had long been waiting for: peak Traskiness. We’ve since been able to wallow in its glory, and today was only the most recent reaffirmation: his new video for ‘Shock To The System’.

Trask’s album has been something of a divorce from reality. It has been the ascendance of a heightened being who no longer is required to adhere to the rules of mere mortals. I mean, he still needs to look both ways when he crosses the street, but when he does he’s going to be wearing ten gallon sunglasses and a blazer that even Don Cherry would have second thoughts about.

And if he wants to make a music video where he appears over on the hood of your Chevy while it cruises through Memramcook? Guess what, there’s going to be two of him. That’s just how powerful he’s become. This is the artistic license he’s been granted.

Even your car is going to be built out from a drawing he did from his brain memory. This is his world you’re in, so much that he doesn’t care that it’s going to break your brain if he does his video in a 4:3 ratio. He’s not about to play by your rules or anyone else’s. I bet he was originally going to mail the video out on the backs of cigarette packages.

As for what the song is about? I can’t believe we’d even have the audacity to ask that. You might as well ask what God needs with a star ship. But you can check out the full review here.