Folly Fest Announce 2017 Line-Up And A Returning Headliner Surprise (Updated)

Feels Good Folly Fest surprised us this morning with the announcement of their initial line-up for their 2017 Folly Family Reunion. Then they surprised us again with the news of a major returning headliner.

Attendees of last year’s Folly Fest will remember a headliner so good, and so very funky, that they had to play not just once, but twice. Probably due to popular demand, Five Alarm Funk have been asked to return this year for a third performance.

They were so good we that we even made a video so that we could watch them on repeat (skip to 0:42 for Five Alarm Funk):

Folly Fest will also  see the return of Weak Size Fish, and New Brunswick perennials Gordon Gets Lost. This year will see the Folly debut of Juno Award winning Alysha Brilla as well as Halifax’s Lindsay Misner & the 7th Mystic. PEI’s Dylan Menzie, who has seen much success as a finalist in CBC Searchlight Contest, will also be making an appearance.

Here’s what we know so far: 

Five Alarm Funk

Lindsay Misner & the 7th Mystic

After Funk

Gordon Gets Lost

Alysha Brilla

Weak Size Fish

Dylan Menzie

The Sticky Bandits

Joyful Noise

My Son The Hurricane

Kill Chicago

The Brood

Lew Moss & The Lost Cause

OQO / Jacques Mindreau

Jinx The Cat

The Galpines


For those who haven’t been, Folly Fest has made a reputation for being a musical highlight of the festival season, and a particularly welcoming one. It’s not just for the sake of alliteration that they refer to their often returning festival-goers as their ‘Folly Family.’

“This year is going to be quite something,” says organizer Paul McAllister. “We’ve always tried to celebrate each aspect of that trifecta, however this year I feel like the community side things has been going through the roof. People that have been coming to Folly for years are now more than just festival goers, their more alumni or ambassadors. When we first started this little doozy of a fest, there was a very small core of people involved in the project, most of which are still around today, however that has since ballooned into a full force crew of over 100 people. It feels like each and every person involved is as invested in the passion for the fest as us long time Feels Good folk.”

Folly Fest takes place June 23-25 in Gagetown, New Brunswick. Tickets for the event can be found online at


(Cover photo: Kelsey Cassidy/The East)