Hillsburn Singing With The Larks

Premiere: Hillsburn Perform ‘With The Larks’ Live

We learn three things today. The first of which is exactly what sort of warm-up Halifax-based Hillsburn go for. They’re singing away ‘With The Larks’ in a new live video filmed by Old Crow Magazine, the folks who bring you all the artistic and cultural magic of Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland and Labrador.

It’s one of their newer songs says Clayton Burrill, one they’re just introducing to audiences this time out. In this case they chose to perform it to a room full of very breakable art, because tours are long. and strange, and you need to break the monotony somehow. The video was shot live inside The Glass Station in Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland.

We’d just started playing [With The Larks] when we shot this video, which we did in a glass art studio/gallery in Rocky Harbour NL when we were on tour there in June. The place and the art were both beautiful but shooting in the space was really nerve racking. The least expensive pieces of art were worth hundreds of dollars and we loaded all of our gear in and set up in the midst of it. We had to be so careful moving around!”

The next thing we learn is really more of a confirmation what we already suspected: just how the band manage the harmonies that are a staple to their music. Apparently it needs to be done by backing a significant distance away from both microphones and artwork.

While no art was harmed in the making of the video, but the band did not escape the tour unscathed, and the rock extracted its toll. “Leaving Gros Mourne the next morning, Jackson tore the finger nail off one of his thumbs while loading the van. We ended up in the hospital for an hour while he got bandaged up. He had to re-learn all his parts but somehow figured out how to avoid using his thumb for the rest of our time in Newfoundland. So our visit to Gros Mourne was definitely memorable.”

Finally, you can now learn that if you want to see this song performed in person you can catch it tonight at The Carleton in Halifax. The band will be treating this as an opportunity to try out songs that will most likely be on their next record. The show is being opened by Arstoniste and starts at 8:00pm.

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