The Best Music of 2016

The Best Music Of 2016 (So Far)

Believe it or not, 2016 is already half over. Gone are the days of shovelling (for now) and the summer heat and holidays are in full swing. 2016 has already been a great year for music on the East Coast, from festivals and awards to music videos and albums. With countless summer parties on the horizon, you need some of the best new east coast music on your playlist. Here are our favourite songs released by east coast artists so far in 2016:

#18 Talk To Me by Dylan Menzie (Belle River, PEI)

Dylan Menzie has the potential to be a big artist from the smallest province in the country. His song ‘Talk To Me’, off of his second EP, Adolescent Nature, shows off this potential and highlights his vocal strength and range. The EP completely surpasses his previous release and goes to prove that with practice certainly comes perfection.

#17 Landlocked by The Barrowdowns (Halifax, NS)

From The Barrowdowns eponymous EP comes ‘Landlocked’ – presumably a warning against giving up your heart to the sea, and a dangerous slow-build that goes from haunting to whirling dervish in under four minutes. We want to hear the eight minute long festival jam version.

#16 This Is Why by Reversing Falls (Formerly Saint John, NB)

‘This Is Why’ will instantly have your head banging whether you like it or not, ironically putting an end to your ability to heed their fervent call to “straighten up and settle down”. Knowing Reversing Falls, they probably didn’t want you to anyhow. More likely, they were just testing the strength of your resolve when it comes to flying high by your own colours.

#15 Shake It Out by AA Wallace (Wedgeport, NS)

‘Shake It Out’ is like jamming out at the club. Except that instead of a barrage of monotone/syllabic drones bent on seeing you bend over, you’ll be showered in a catchy call and response that will indeed have you shaking so hard you sweat. If that doesn’t sound overly pleasant, don’t knock it until you try it. When all is said and done, the fact remains that everyone needs a good dance party every now and then.

#14 Madeline by Lookalike (St. John’s, NFLD)

Fresh from their breakup as RocketRocketShip, Matt Dines and Dave Shears formed their pop duo Lookalike. Their first single, Madeline, is an extremely catchy new beginning for the band that will have you hitting the replay button constantly and humming along to the chorus long after the last note rings out.

#13 Quiet The Bombs by Erin Costelo

Erin Costelo is a Maritime powerhouse known for her fierce vocals and stunning orchestral scores. ‘Quiet the Bombs’, from her most recent album Down Below, The Status Quo, is both soulful and sorrowful, showing Costelo’s more reserved side. Its simplicity and steely message walk slowly hand in hand, bringing with them a sense of calm determination brimming with the grit and courage necessary to keep moving forward in the face of obstacles.

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