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The Artistic Legacy of Brian Burke

On Tuesday, December 19, 2017, Canada lost one of its foremost figurative painters, and one of the most notable visual artists to have come out of Prince Edward Island. At age 65, Brian Burke left behind an impressive legacy—a prodigious body of work that is powerfully haunting and impactful, tinged with black humour in its resolute dedication to the truthful representation of the timeless existential predicament of the human condition. Continue reading The Artistic Legacy of Brian Burke

The Artist In The Bear Suit: The Watercolours of Jon Claytor

As an occasional lecturer at Mount Allison University, co-founder of SappyFest and a devoted father and artist, Jon Claytor is a regular feature of Sackville, New Brunswick. His work ranges from watercolours and traditional paintings to filmmaking and all fits into a uniquely Claytor narrative. His most recent project, ‘Take My Breath Away,’ is a collection of watercolours, bringing in characters from Sackville in a unique book; it’s a hybrid of visual ethnography, philosophy, music and humour. At the core of it is a family album exploring the intricate nature of love. So why does the artist appear throughout the book wearing a bear suit? Continue reading The Artist In The Bear Suit: The Watercolours of Jon Claytor

Our Favourite Murals From Festival Inspire 2017

Since 2014, Festival Inspire has been delivering colour to the streets of Riverview, Dieppe and Moncton in an annual week-long event. This year’s festival brought a total of 13 new murals to these streets and continued toward Festival Inspire’s goal to turn Greater Moncton into a visual wonderland for all to enjoy.  

While every mural and art piece created at Festival Inspire this year demonstrated outstanding talent, we chose some of our favourite murals to highlight for those who may have missed out on the action. Continue reading Our Favourite Murals From Festival Inspire 2017

The Unnoticed Batman, Suburban Pearls and Divine Muppet Dolls: The Art of Glenn Priestley

Glenn Priestley is a Fredericton, New Brunswick artist whose drawings, pastels and oil paintings can elevate aspects of daily life, even the mundane, to classical opulence. The intuitive play he creates is a confluence in the interacting figures, everyday places, and a rediscovery of forgotten kitsch treasures. It’s a balance that can only be struck by an artist who has achieved a mastery of skill in the language of painting, colour and form. Continue reading The Unnoticed Batman, Suburban Pearls and Divine Muppet Dolls: The Art of Glenn Priestley

Stephen Scott, The Definitive Neopostromantic

Stephen Scott scribbles a string of letters along the bottom edge of a newspaper, before tearing it off. “That’s me, that’s what I am,” he says, passing it to me. The letters, all capitals, spell out NEOPOSTROMANTIC. Nearly everything else he’s said has gone well over my head,  but I’m fairly certain this word is as unique as Stephen. I ask him to sign it, a postmodern portrait of the artist, and slip it into my pocket.

Stephen is an artist’s artist. He’s been at it for some time now; having attended the Ontario College of Art, completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Mount Allison in 1978, followed by a Master of Arts in Arts Therapy from Concordia in 1998. He is intensely introspective, reflective, and authentic. His works possess a depth to them that I have only been able to glimpse the near edge of with the aid of a guided tour. “I’m a submerging artist, meaning I’ve been around for a while. More and more and more younger artists are coming out, and I’m feeling that I’m getting to be a little bit senior. I’m over the hill, age-wise; I’ve been at it for a while. I’m supposed to be in mid-stream, established, and not really having to go for those prizes which bring visibility in a hurry.” Continue reading Stephen Scott, The Definitive Neopostromantic