Jenni and the hummingbird

Music Video: Jenni & The Hummingbird Debuts New Single ‘Am I Odd?’

Prince Edward Island’s Jenni Roberge is set to release her debut EP, Your Masterpiece later this month under the moniker Jenni & The Hummingbird. Ahead of the EP she’s released a new video for “Am I Odd?” produced by filmmaker Millefiore Clarkes, which will have listeners questioning their sense of place in the universe.

“To be honest, writing this song was really unique to any song I’ve ever written. I woke up thinking about a dream I just had where I had written a song, and thoughtlessly, I just sort of wrote the song in less than ten minutes,” says Roberge about the otherworldly track.

“At the time, I didn’t understand what I was writing about… but it was really something inside of me telling myself that I’m lost, but I didn’t know I was lost. I was depressed, hurt, and weaving through that cycle most of us weave through at some point.

I’ve finally begun to come into acceptance with who I am, and have fallen in love with my being. I’m a believer that we’re all creators, and in the song/ video, it explores the confusion, doubt and sadness that drips out of the state of neglecting who you really are.”

Roberge says that, if anything, her dream provided her with a strong personal belief that we are all dreamers, or as she reminds us with the words of Willy Wonka, “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

The video itself, Roberge says it was born of an in-depth conversation with director Millefiore Clarkes and album co-producer Dennis Ellsworth over a coffee, “basically about life, ‘weird’ people, politics, technology, etc… everything. Mille simply listened, and she did all the magic from there. As for the day of the video shoot, it was cold. Really, really cold.”

Jenni & The Hummingbird‘s new EP, Your Masterpiece is out on February 23rd, 2018, and promises a whole lot of “local talent glittering out of it.”

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