Grande Finale

Music Video: Grande Finale Remind Us That There Are Other Seasons Than Just Winter With ‘Pool Party’

Sometimes you need a song to turn to that, no matter the time of year, the time of day, or how bad of a mood you’re in, will help you throw all your cares away and make you say ‘YOLO!’ while you get that ‘Carpe Diem’ tattoo on your wrist.

Don’t really have any songs you can turn to that will make you that unbearably happy? Then “Pool Party (At the Beach),” the debut video from Grande Finale, might just be the right thing for you.

This PEI-based duo consisting of long-time musical collaborators Dennis Ellsworth and Kinley Dowling show us that no matter your musical preference, style, or background, having a little ‘pop’ in your step can have a big effect.

Exploring new sounds and musical ventures that have a heavy synth aspect can take you in many different directions; there’s the synth-pop that’s basic and repetitive, there’s slow and emotional and, of course, there’s the kind that’s just all over the place and generally stress-inducing.

With “Pool Party” the duo manage to achieve a sound that’s all their own. The song is nearly 3 minutes of the most poppy, upbeat and summery tone to ever be released by an Atlantic Canadian act in the middle of winter.

The track itself is inspired by fun times at a friend’s pool right on the beach, hence the fun and optimistic vibe that isn’t dampened by great Maritime winter weather. The song follows a steady, fast-paced beat accompanied by some great and unique synth tones. The duo’s vocal harmonies are a perfect match for the sound; they’re not too intense but not too slack, carrying each other throughout the song.

Wrap this all together in a video and you’ve got the perfect formula for something that comes dangerously close to making you not care what time of year it is and taking a dip in the pool. No matter where you are, no matter the weather and no matter the season, “Pool Party  can give anyone that extra bit of optimism of sunny days to come.

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