Ian Janes

New Music: From Dartmouth To Nashville — Ian Janes Releases ‘I Can’t Remember Never Loving You’

Country music tends to be quite divisive when asking the opinions of music lovers. There’s the people that don’t give it a chance at all, those who live and breathe it, and then the really picky people that claim to only like ‘real’ country. It’s not often you come across a singer/songwriter who can dip into that country sound while still keeping a traditional blues and folk style, but Ian Janes does it flawlessly.

Based out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Janes has quickly become one of the top acts to look for on the East Coast, and with the release of his newest single ‘Can’t Remember Never Loving You’ he’s setting himself up to be one of the top acts in not just the East Coast, but on a national level.

Co-written with Nashville legend Byron Hill, the song is a beautiful country style tune that not even the most critical music reviewer could poke holes in. Writing/recording songs at home with your three busy kids present can be… complicated, but you can’t deny how perfect it is for inspiration.

“I heard one of my children say to my wife ‘I don’t remember not loving you’ and it hit a chord” says Janes, “And then I thought I could never come up with a line that good but I can write a song about it”, and so he did.

What starts off as soft vocals and one guitar quickly turns into a simple but elegant piece of modern country music with a hint of blues, folk, and that unmistakable East Coast vibe.

Janes’ latest album, Yes Man, which was released last year, received praise from music reviewers and industry professionals across the country. Shortly after the release of the album, Ian’s song ‘Can’t Remember Never Loving You’ was featured on the mid-season finale of the hit show Nashville being performed by the shows leading characters.

The casts version of Ian’s song quickly reached the US Top 50 iTunes chart, and immediately put Ian Janes on the international map. With the official release of Ian’s version of the song it will give him a well-deserved fast-track to being one of the top performers to come out of Canada’s East Coast. After a number of years, tours, albums, and impressive collaborations under his belt, it’s no wonder why people can’t get enough of this gem of an East Coast artist.