Two Deaths

Music Video: Two Deaths Release Debut Single ‘Don’t Water Down The Gun’

Looking for a little bit of musical relaxation to help unplug and unwind? Halifax’s Two Deaths might have just what you need. On November 27th the duo released their first single, ‘Don’t Water Down the Gun’, a slow-paced, simple, and melodic tune that is sure to help you escape from those every-day stressors, well, at least for a minute or two.

Even though ‘Don’t Water Down the Gun’ is a bit under 3 minutes long, it still shows you that Two Deaths doesn’t need much time to pull you in. The song takes a casual stroll through some very laid-back guitar and vocals accompanied by a steady, simple beat.

Throughout the song there’s also a lingering synth/organ ambiance that almost acts as a hook pulling you deeper and deeper into the vibes of the track. In no way is this the next rock anthem of a generation, it’s more like the “I’m so relaxed right now I’ll just lay in the grass and smell the flowers all day” anthem of an East Coast music lover. Together, the elements in this song are a perfect combination to give you great background music to get through those long days.

If you truly want to dive into the song and possibly put yourself in a dangerously deep state of relaxation, check out the video for Two Deaths, created by the band’s own Stephanie Clattenburg. The video itself is a perfect fit for the song; full of colour, nothing over-the-top, and it’s even almost hypnotizing in some parts. It does a great job of being a visual representation of the song and it pulls you in just as easily.

The driving forces behind Two Deaths consists of Nathan Wiley (guitar, bass and vocals) and Stephanie Clattenburg (drums and vocals). ‘Don’t Water Down the Gun’ was produced by Nathan Wiley at the nest in Summerside, PEI, and was mixed and mastered by Adam Gallant at The Hill in Charlottetown, PEI.