Little You Little Me (Nienke Izurieta)

New Music: LYLM Releases Action Packed EP ‘In Under Fourteen Highly Concentrated Minutes’

From Saint John rock staple Little You, Little Me comes a 13-minute EP jam-packed with high energy and memorable melodies. In fact, the name of the EP says it all: ‘In Under Fourteen Highly Concentrated Minutes.’

Riding the wave of momentum after their second release in less than a year, LYLM hits all the right points in this short but sweet release. There’s no room for filler on such a short collection, and LYLM certainly ensures that every minute is executed with great purpose.

It begins with ‘I’m Wasted on Myself’, immediately rewarding us with a belt-worthy chorus layered with dreamy female vocals. Wailing, distorted guitar also adds to this dream-like quality. It’s an anthem for loners everywhere, and it sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

‘Gavin Country’ continues on with a classic fake-out opening, with acoustic guitar and muffled vocals before breaking into a powerful chorus. It’s the closest thing this EP has to a ballad, while still delivering that same high energy.

‘I Don’t Care About You’ is probably the catchiest track on this release. It takes a step back from the belting vocals in favour of soothing harmonies set to a rhythmic instrumental backing.
Finally, ‘Mountain’ ends on a high note. It’s fast-paced and has all the makings of a fan favourite, which is probably why LYLM chose it as the closing track. The song nears its end with an energetic guitar solo that continues on into its final chorus, leaving listeners with breathless satisfaction.

And breathless is the perfect descriptor for the way this release will leave you. It’s over in the blink of an eye, cramming so much into such little time that multiple listens are required to fully appreciate all of the hard work that was put into every second of every track. The songs paint a clear picture in the mind, feeling like the soundtrack to a movie that hasn’t been made yet.

LYLM set out to prove that less is more with this release, and they certainly accomplished that mission.