Hillsburn Bad Behaviours

Music Video: Hillsburn Get Political With ‘Bad Behaviours’

In this horrendous year of our lord, 2017, ‘Bad Behaviours’ might refer to any number of vile sins and degradations. Our once-heroes are being summarily chopped down, the President of the United States is a tantrum-prone man-baby, and the rest of us are all probably guilty of crimes we haven’t yet begun to define. Hillsburn’s new video for ‘Bad Behaviours,’ however, is a reminder that there’s still hope.

‘Bad Behaviours’ is the second single from Hillsburn’s forthcoming album, The Wilder Beyond. It’s a further departure from their debut pop-folk harmonies of In The Battle Years, as the band veers into a land of percussion and keyboards and a decidedly more political tone.

“Two people of the same gender can kiss in the street today in Halifax, probably without fear of ridicule or reprisal,” says singer Paul Aarntzen, who shot and edited the video. “Probably. But probably isn’t good enough. ‘Bad Behaviours’ is about acknowledging that getting us to a state of ‘probably’ took a lot of courage by a lot of people. And it’s about remembering to keep fighting until we all feel completely safe loving whomever we choose.”

‘Bad Behaviours’ gets at it right out of the gate: “Our privilege is bridges someone before us has built.”

History has shown that we are capable of doing better. If we can figure out what we’re doing with ourselves before the Earth catches fire, some of our ‘Bad Behaviours’ might teach us to learn from our mistakes.

Hillsburn’s second album, The Wilder Beyond, is out February 2nd, 2017.

Tour Dates:
11.24.17 – Greenwich, NS @ Horton High School
01.18.18 – Montreal, QC @ Divan Orange
01.19.18- Ottawa, ON @ National Arts Centre
01.20.18 – Fredericton, NB @ Shivering Songs Festival
02.03.18 – Montebello, QC @ Chateau Montebello
02.07.18 – Toronto, ON @ The Painted Lady
02.09.18 – Burnstown, ON @ Neat Coffee Shop
02.24.18 – New Glasgow, NS @ Glasgow Square
03.08.18 – Waterbury, VT @ Zenbarn
03.10.18 – Windsor, NS @ Mermaid Theatre
03.16.18 – Tatamagouche, NS @ Grace Jollymore Arts Centre
03.17.18 – Shelburne, NS @ Osprey Arts Centre