Lionsault Witch Hunt

Music Video: Lionsault’s ‘Witch Hunt’ Aims For Best In Maritime Rock And Roll

Halloween on the east coast now belongs to Miramachi rockers Lionsault. Their new single ‘Witch Hunt’ will have you reaching for an ice pack instead of a Snicker’s bar, cleaning the blood from your lips, especially if you’re that one a**hole trying to spoil the party.

The reigning winners of the ECMA for Loud Recording of the Year have slid their accomplishments to the peripheral, bringing a slew of new elements to the table. Known for their nostalgic rock style with the appearances to match, this song is another breakout for them, stating firmly that there are still plenty of limits left to push.

The new driving force behind the drum-kit, J-D Thibodeau, delivers divergent directions in the patterns he performed on his first track with the band. Guitarist Taylor Sheasgreen expanded on the range of his riffs, going from zero to sixty and back again, all while hitting the important marks throughout the song. Vocalist and bassist Kortni Nichols blew the ceiling off all expectations of what heights her vocal chords can attain; she should seriously be considered as one of the most powerful voices in the Maritimes. Her playing isn’t slouching, either, with her bass parts making their presence felt in the bridge section of the track, bringing vibes of Queens of the Stone Age to complement her hushed vocals reminiscent of Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless.

Accompanying the tune is another great music video, topping their last Halloween-themed video for ‘Living With The Devil’. From friends turned ghouls, to a paranormal parallel universe to rugged live shots, to the backdrop of chopped wood and the return of the hooded figure from the first video as well as the creepy kid on the playground, the song has a perfect sinister touch.

If their two singles since their debut album are any indication, it is safe to kick up your hopes that the band’s next full-length will surpass it by miles.