New Music: FM Berlin Stick The Landing On ‘At Least You’re Having Fun’

FM Berlin launched into the new album ‘At Least You’re Having Fun’ last month with the release of ‘Yer Honour,’ the first video single. The result was an immediate and spontaneous office dance party. Now we’ve had a chance to hear what the rest of the album sounds like.

Putting their best foot forward on the album, FM Berlin opens up ‘At Least You’re Having Fun’ with the single track ‘Yer Honour’. It’s going to make you feel good inside and out. It’s the auditory equivalent of one of the probiotic yogurts. Ska vibes, new-wave pop rock and soaring vocals are going to rope you in and not let go.

The second track, ‘All Again,’ is playing with textures, and a dance-inducing vibe and atmosphere. It’s channeling some strong sounds akin to a night out with Kings of Leon and Brandon Flowers, in a good way. We assume. Track three is funking things up with ‘TV’. It’s offering juicy bass lines and big and boisterous vocals, which FM Berlin is quickly going to be known for—more of that Killers sound. The infectious choruses and ringing guitar chords will to snap you out of any funk (pun intended) that you’re in.

Jump to ‘Hate Your Neighbours’: all catchy licks, bass riffs and vocals to sing back in an explosion of joy. In short, FM Berlin may have found their way into the pop rock niche market with this collection of songs.

Personally, track eight, ‘Outta Your Head’ was the stand out radio hit for me. It’s offering beautiful guitar textures, big vocals and a memorable chorus. Before ending on ‘Fun Reprise,’ the albums ender track, we “move to the city” with ‘Haligonia,’ a down and dirty sexy groove to get you bumping and grinding on the dance floor. Enter ‘Fun Reprise,’ a dark soulful exit to the party, with lead vocals high in the clouds, and strings and horns accompany the grand exit.

For fans and friends of pop rock, ska and indy music, check out the parties FM Berlin will be putting on in your city soon and sweat it out with them for a night.