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Single: David Myles Channels Roy Orbison With ‘Look At Me’

Halifax’s own David Myles has released the second single for his brand new album Real Love. The single, titled ‘Look At Me’, carries a 50s-swing beat and mixes it with a more modern pop feel. Listening will have you taping your toes and smiling.

The song starts out with a quick and classic swing beat created by palm-muted guitar, and drawn out vocals that are sung from deep within. Myles is palpably reminiscent of Elvis or Orbison here; however, the song picks up with a more modern sound and a chorus that is quick, repetitive and playful, bringing about a style that calls Jack Johnson to mind.

The incorporation of some gentle violin adds to the classic feel of the song, while the use of brass instrumentals give it an almost exotic layer. Being one of his “favourites to sing,” the soul that Myles puts into the song comes across loud and clear.

“Up in the clouds of darkness and rain I’m so happy to be in the sunshine again,” sings Myles, reflecting on overcoming heartache and bad luck, and appreciating all of the good things life has to offer. “I’m living my dream like I don’t have a past. Isn’t it good that the bad times don’t last?” he continues. Myles portrays the important notion of not letting our pasts weight us down, which is something we all need to be reminded of every now and then.

This song mixes classic elements with exotic and pop qualities in a way that is fun and lively: a feat Myles has proven himself to be good at. He has perfected the art of adding sunshine to your day and lifting your mood within the three minutes it takes for the track to play through.

Though he is currently touring in the US and across Canada, you can catch David Myles live here in the Maritimes at the Casino Nova Scotia Schooner Room in Halifax on November 17th, at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton on December 18th, at the Fredericton Playhouse on December 19th and at the Imperial Theatre in Saint John on December 20th.