James Mullinger’s Stand-Up Comedy Hits World Stage With Amazon Prime

James Mullinger has been the world-class ambassador Saint John has needed for a long time. The Maritimer by way of London eased the city into the limelight by gently poking fun at it.  He recuperated Saint John’s self-image by teaching us to laugh at ourselves and celebrating the best parts of it. Now he’s taking the show to the world stage, and the city along with him. His standup comedy special Anything Is Possible is being released on Amazon Prime on September 5th, 2017.

Admittedly there aren’t many people left in New Brunswick who aren’t already familiar with Mullinger’s story. He left his homeland of London, England, his career, and a city with a recognizable infrastructure for comedians, all for the family-friendly shores of the East Coast of Canada. He thought he was giving it all up, and instead he reinvented the wheel.

Within three years he’d turned himself into a household name by performing show after show, producing a TV series, being nominated for the Just For Laughs Best Comedy Show Award, having a big screen movie made about his own humble beginnings in the UK’s Comedy scene staring actors from Downton Abbey, Notting Hill and Twilight, and turning New Brunswick into a comedy destination. This all culminated in a record-breaking live performance at Saint John’s Harbour Station Arena.

Performing to a sold out crowd of 5000 people, Mullinger riffs on leaving his homeland of London, England and moving to a small city on the East Coast of Canada, parenting, homemade wine, local newspapers and Facebook. The performance was filmed and broadcast in part of the CBC documentary City On Fire and aired last September. Produced by local filmmaking legends Hemmings House Pictures, the documentary follows the journey of a man determined to prove that anything is possible – even if you’re living in a small city on the Canada’s East Coast.

Now, with Anything Is Possible, that full length uncut stand-up performance is going to be available for the first time, and seen across the world on Amazon Prime Video. For better or worse, everyone is going to get a taste of some of the wonderful quirks and peculiarities that New Brunswick has to offer.

“I am obviously very excited that people all over the world will get to see that stand up show that I spent so long honing and polishing and am very proud of,” says Mullinger. “But I am also incredibly overjoyed that I am also getting to show the rest of the world how beautiful New Brunswick is!”

Hemmings House executive producer Greg Hemmings says that he hopes the unique Amazon distribution creates opportunities to shine a spotlight on other lesser-known cities and towns around the world that have stories to tell. “Saint John, New Brunswick is a relatively unknown part of the world that is home to world-class talent and impactmakers, like Mullinger. It’s our job as filmmakers to let audiences know that legends aren’t only found in the bigger centers like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.”

For those who don’t call New Brunswick home, Mullinger provides lots of laughs, and an opportunity to get a glimpse into the beautiful little world we have here—and hopefully the motivation to visit. For those of us who do call New Brunswick home, the video is just one more reason for us to feel proud of where we come from (and still have a good chuckle).

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