Like A Motorcycle ECMA (Brenna MacMillan/The East)

Like A Motorcycle Find Last Minute Top Bidder For ECMA Prize

Earlier this month Halifax’s Like A Motorcycle took home an East Coast Music Award for “Rising Star Recording Of The Year”. It was an exciting night, with the band performing on the Gala Stage at Saint John’s Harbour Station just before receiving the award. It was presumed that, as with all ECMAs the award would be given a position of honour over the fireplace, to be enjoyed by generations of Motorcycles to come. Instead, the band announced that they would be selling off their former future heirloom as soon as they could in support of Phoenix Youth Programs.

After weeks of bidding and with only two minutes to spare, Propeller Brewing Co. placed a winning bid of $1,100, beating out the previous bid of $1000.

“We’ve been fans of KT Lamond (an all-star Propeller employee) and the whole LAM crew for a while and could not be prouder of them for the choice to leverage personal success into community impact,” says the official statement from Propeller Brewing Co. “THIS is what 21st Century leadership looks like. We really wanted to affirm this generous impulse within LAM — and you can never go wrong supporting the amazing work of Phoenix. It’s these kind of connections that  make us so proud to call Halifax ‘home’.”

Phoenix Youth Programs, who will be receiving the proceeds from the auction, are a Halifax based non-profit, community group with a mandate to engage and support displaced youth. The donation won’t be the only thing the program will be receiving either. Like A Motorcycle’s generosity spurred on an outpouring of online support from local fans and musicians from the Halifax area who have found other ways to show support, including the donation of instruments.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled that Propeller Brewing Co will be taking the ECMA home and delivering the largest charitable donation to the good folks at Phoenix house,” say the band. “It was a nice surprise, but by no means a shock. Not only is Propeller a huge supporter of music & art in the North End and the Halifax community at large but, literally half of our band have or do work there. Most of the employees at Propeller are musicians struggling to balance their musical careers at the same time as their bank books. It’s a wonder KT still has a job, we have been overseas more than at home this year! They’re a small business full of real and creative people, even at the tip top with John being a Film Industry vet: they get it. So, hats off to Propeller for supporting our initiative to raise money for Phoenix house and being in our corner once again! It means the world to us.”

Like A Motorcycle also encourages continuing to support Phoenix Youth Programs through