New Music: BA Johnston’s New Single ‘I Need Donair Sauce’

Sing what you’re passionate about. For a lot of people that probably means they’re going to write about love, or perhaps suffering. B.A. Johnston nails that Venn diagram in an impassioned ode/plea with his latest single, ‘I Need Donair Sauce’.

The track is off of Johnston’s upcoming album Gremlins 3, which isn’t due out for at least another month. According to B.A. the album title comes from a desire to be sued by someone famous.

“I remember the first donair sauce, but not first donair. [It was] garlic fingers in PEI. Thought the sauce was mad gross. After a while you can just drink it straight though.”

Rumours of B.A.’s addiction persist. While addiction is quite common within the Maritimes, with a steady supply available symptoms will often go unnoticed. Most addicts won’t even realize there’s a problem until they’ve made it as far as Ontario.

“Well its tough to get a good supply out here,” says Johnston. “Knead Pizza in Hamilton has garlies, and if you go to a town near a military base they’ll often have donair places, like Angus or Pembroke.”

Johnston returned to the Maritimes under the guise of recording his 11th album at both The Echo Chamber, and “at someone’s house in rural Nova Scotia with no running water” (The Quarantine). Reports show that donairs (and the accompanying sauce) are readily available in multiple nearby locations.

Guided by the hands of Mathias Kom (The Burning Hell) and with Reaguns Rayguns putting in some effort on no less than six tracks, the album promises that it “treads familiar territory with songs about cheap beer, drinking beer in a car, and drinking so much beer that you are worried you will fall out of a canoe and drown. In an effort to branch out and tackle the serious issues of today, there is also a song about being high at work in a Foodland.”

At the very least, Pizza Corner gets a new theme song.