Lionsault (Jason Lorette)

Video: Lionsault’s ‘Counting Down’

Three piece Miramichi heavy rockers Lionsault recently released the music video for their song ‘Counting Down’. The track comes off of their September 2015 release ‘Are You Feeling Lucky?’ and according to Taylor Sheasgreen (guitar and back up vocals) “it’s essentially a love song”.

“It’s about missing someone or something – whether you’re out on the road or in some sort of long distance relationship. We’ve all been in that sort of situation before, and after a while you really end up counting down the days until you can be with them again.

Though the subject matter could lead you to believe that the song may be sad and dark, Sheasgreen says “it sounds like a sort of depressing song, but trust me, it’s not! We keep it light-hearted and positive…it’s more about being perseverant in those types of situations.

The video for “Counting Down” is a live video stitched together from several shows off of their “Sick as It Gets Summer Tour”, which occurred in July, as well as clips from select New Brunswick shows before the tour kicked off. “There’s a couple of reasons why we chose a live video for ‘Counting Down’. First of all, this is our third music video from our debut album ‘Are You Feeling Lucky?’ and the first two videos (“Living with the Devil”, and “Light It Up”) were scripted…the lyrical subject matter of “Counting Down” being about missing that special someone in your life, it seemed appropriate to use footage of us being out on the road on tour, far away from our home and loved ones.”

The energetic DIY video aesthetic definitely fits the song and shows how into the show the band gets. With so many people enduring these types of relationships, whether someone works in a different part of the country than their family or a couple met online and aren’t in the same area, this song will connect with many.

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