Follyfest 2016 (Kelsey Cassidy/The East)

Video: Folly Fest 2016

In a bizarre turn of events, and for the first time in recent history, Folly Fest experienced three consecutive days of good weather. Over the course of the last weekend in June, the Gagetown based music festival saw unprecedented amounts of sunshine.

Though there had been a light drizzling the evening before, many were shocked, as festival goers had prepared for the usual amount of flooding, or even the occasional tornado threat. Instead they experienced a spike in sunburns, with even a few reports of minor sunstroke.

Many expressed their surprise at the uncommonly consistent clear skies, with some preparing for what seemed an inevitable end as the weekend drew to a close. As the sun continued to rage on throughout the festival it caused at least one festival goer to exclaim, “Too fucking nice out. Sunday is going to be right messy!”

“The music, the people, the weather, all were superb and inspiring. Seems like the Festival god’s were smiling on us this year,” says Folly Fest organizer Paul McAllister, probably in reference to past years, which have seen events like eagle’s nests set alight by thunderstorms, and Norwalk virus paired with droughts. Folly Fest has long stood out as being a summer high point in New Brunswick festival culture, despite a long history of conditions ranging from rainy days and omens, up to small scale disasters. They’ve only done more to make each year stand out as memorable character building moments for the festival rather than any sort of serious downer.

Highlights from this year included Vancouver based nine-piece funk wonders Five Alarm Five taking the stage twice, to wow the audience with the fact that I will, on very are occasions, participate in something that can almost vaguely be described as dancing.

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