Nap Eyes

Video: Nap Eyes Premieres ‘Click Clack’

From ‘Thought Rock Fish Scale’ – undoubtedly one of the best albums of 2016 – comes Nap Eyes‘ new video for ‘Click Clack’, as Nigel Chapman practices some mad science on his bandmates, who happen to be puppets. Caution: may contain some briefly implied puppet nudity. We are uncertain if there’s an MPAA rating for that. Enjoy.

The video is a premise-within-a-premise-within-a-premise. It’s a set of nesting premisi. just layer upon layer of ridiculousness.  Chapman, working his habitual trade of alchemy (though atypically not of the musical variety), discovers his friends in a microscopic world of puppets who are in the process of breaking into a house for the sake of some apple pie and Heineken. It’s the sort of adult alternative to Sesame Street we never knew we needed. If George Carlin were still around, this would already be a thing.

“The ‘Click Clack’ video was made by our friends Allison Higgins (of Halifax’s Old and Weird) and Jordan Minkoff (of Victoria’s Slam Dunk),” says Chapman. “In it I play a scientist working from home who discovers that my bandmates Seamus, Josh, and Brad have inexplicably become puppets and are getting up to some mischief in the puppet world. I do my best to remedy the situation using my knowledge of the arcane and alchemical, but as often happens in life, looking for the simple fix only seems to make things more complicated.”

Fortunately, the video implies this is the first in a presumably increasingly bizarre series.

For their esoteric Lou Reed-esque delivery, the album itself was long-listed for a Polaris Prize, and received favourable, if somewhat nebulous reviews. Riding that success, the band has extended their tour (with appearances alongside Guided By Voices, Steve Gunn, and Big Thief) across North America, with a brief East Coast layover at Sackville’s Sappyfest on July 3st.

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