The Galpines: New Video And Truck EP Release Party

The Galpines are asking the perennial question: what is updog? We might never know, but it could be big news. Today the bawdy ladies had a few  announcements to make, including a new video just in time for the official Truck EP release party.

The album itself is a catchy tongue-in-cheek roundhouse of county stereotypes, or as our Hilary Ladd put it, “Basically it’s punk masquerading as country music… with hilarious lyrical witticism and pretty accurate social commentary.” On the surface it’s fun, and under that it’s a meta funhouse mirror looking back at the surface. So dig in. You’ll still catch yourself singing along with the title track ‘Truck’.

Produced by Don Levandier and Dan Grady, ‘Shady Neighbourhood’ is a cute little lyric video put together in a perfectly respectable looking living room, while having an awful lot to say about their neighbours from their turquois tower of throw pillows. With a minimal of cussin’, and not a single empty in sight, the girls must have really cleaned up.

Tonight, in celebration of the official release of ‘Truck’, they’ll be downing the ‘Pines at Moncton’s Esquire Tavern along with Jessie Brown and The Shakes Down Combo.

“We’re thrilled to release our first official video and can’t wait to blow the roof off the Esquire tonight in celebration of our Truck EP release!

The gals will be performing the album in its entirety, along with two new songs, which we can only assume will provide more of the same campy commentary we’ve come to treasure. Later this summer you can expect to catch them touring around Folly Fest, The Backroad Ball, and completing a stint in rehab.

On top of all their other announcement they’ve also launched a shiny new website which you can go to for all sorts of information: