Grand Theft Bus Embraces Streaming Media

Last night jam band extraordinaire, Grand Theft Bus, announced that they have embraced the future: that golden path where streaming media flows like so much spice.

Tim Walker confesses that, regardless of what the band’s bright and shiny future has in store, making money was never an intentional bi-product, “Our endgame isn’t, and never was, to make money. We always saw album sales as a bonus. People hearing the music is the most important thing and if we make a little cash on the side, great!”

Their two most recent albums, Say It With Me and Made Upwards, were made streamable immediately upon their release. The band’s decision to make the rest of their back catalogue available to the world was simply a matter of sharing the rest of their music freely for its original purposepure enjoyment.

Having acquired the online distribution rights for their earlier albums Birth of Confusion, Flies in the No Fly and Distracted Tracks means that their music is available, even when the band is not. “The band is more on the back burner these days for all of us, with our busy lives and such. I mean, we are still very much a band and will make more music, but touring is so limited for us now that it is hard to justify making physical copies.”

“There is still lots of GTB music to come. It just sort of orbits around all of our lives and then swoops in every so often to take us for a ride. We are fortunate that way. There are still lots of ideas left to come from us, we just have a connection.”

While PonoMusic is still providing limited access, there are 150 other streaming platforms to chose from. From Spotify to Google Play, feel free to gorge yourselves on Grand Theft Bus to your hearts content.

For more information visit Grand Theft Bus on Facebook.