In Review: SJTC’s The War Bride

Something special happens when an audience gathers in an intimate setting to take part in the telling of a true story. The War Bride, beautifully written by New Brunswick native Erin Keating and skilfully directed by Andrea Arbour, is no exception. This particular production feels like an invitation to spend the evening with your gram with a pot of tea and her old photo album. Continue reading In Review: SJTC’s The War Bride

Mark Hemmings: Travelling Light

The speed of light is a mind boggling 299,792,458 meters per second. In the length of time it took you to read that sentence, light could have travelled the distance from the Earth to the Moon twice. The stuff buzzes around the universe like it owns the place. The challenge of capturing the fastest known substance under just the right conditions and circumstances seems impossible at its worst, and audacious at its best.  For skilled professionals, like Mark Hemmings, it’s just a walk in the park. Continue reading Mark Hemmings: Travelling Light

The Young Dylan Menzie

Five minutes late, I ran into the coffee shop to find a calm, cool, and collected young man dressed in faded jeans, a plain white dress shirt, and shades. Dylan Menzie is the very image of cool: a whispy young James Dean sitting at a windowed table for two, sipping on a latte as if he was right at home in the hustle and bustle of Fredericton during the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. Continue reading The Young Dylan Menzie

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