PEI’s Festival Of Small Halls Is Big On Community

Over the last eight years, the PEI Mutual Festival of Small Halls has had a huge impact on the province. This year, not only have they added shows in various care facilities across the province, they are also boasting more than fifty cultural events in more than forty communities. With past shows selling out and audiences lining up outside of the venue doors, the 2016 festival is no exception. Continue reading PEI’s Festival Of Small Halls Is Big On Community

New Music: Samantha Robichaud’s ‘Simplicity’

I’m a sucker for a good jig. On the east coast, it’s just an inherent part of the musical landscape that is above criticism. It may be somewhat anachronistic, but such a staple in our culture that there’s no questioning it. It’s like Thanksgiving Dinner. Do you like cranberries? Don’t like cranberries? Doesn’t matter. You’re getting cranberries. It works the same way if you’re going to be soaking up any east coast tunes. Fortunately, Samantha Robichaud’s new album, ‘Simplicity’, is much less likely to make your face pucker.

Continue reading New Music: Samantha Robichaud’s ‘Simplicity’

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