The Bloody Hell

Music Video: The Bloody Hell’s Debut Single ‘Evil Everywhere’

If the media haven’t already reminded you in the last twenty seconds, it’s a terrifying world out there. But for your convenience, Halifax heavy-rockers The Bloody Hell have created a video recap to the tune of their first single ‘Evil Everywhere’.

Recorded at New Scotland Yard by Alex Burris, frontman Ian Kean created an appropriately terrifying video from a collection of clips from the internet. Full of excesses, and violence, and world leaders, the video quickly gets to the point.

“[It] kind of pokes fun at how evil and corruption are running wild in the world but nobody really cares,” says Kean. “I was particularly careful not to write it too subjectively and more just an observation of the current state of the world, and the video is a fun little history lesson on the subject.”

“The sad part of the video is that as I was making it I would just scroll through my Facebook and find more and more footage. I could have made the video three or four times over just by looking on Facebook for a few days.”

“Just today I saw a bunch of footage of the violence after the Super Bowl and thought too bad I couldn’t include that footage. But I think that speaks to the point of the whole thing: evil everywhere all the time.”

The Bloody Hell currently have four songs recorded and mastered for a new EP. They’ll be heading back into the studio in late March to add the finishing touches. Kean says they’ve already booked their release show for later this summer, just to keep themselves on track.

In the meantime, the band have a few dates around Nova Scotia early next month, including March 2nd at The Commune in New Glasgow, March 3rd at the Upstairs Club in Sydney, and March 9th Gus’s Pub in Halifax.

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