The Trick

New Music: The Trick Break Out Something Old And Something New With ‘Inaugurate Me’

Fredericton synth-rock quartet The Trick had one more up their sleeves to close out 2017. The short—yet thoroughly enjoyable— release Inaugurate Me features a brand-new single by the same name and an alternate take on one of their past works.

The new track starts off with a trio of climbing riff sequences from the guitars, bass and synthesizers which combine to form a blissful dream-pop ascent. Soft, cooing vocals from vocalist Patrick Reinartz join in along with a layer of harmonies, some of which are coated in a digitized overdub, which adds an interesting buzz that gives the song a subtle, spaced-out vibe.

The second half takes an abrupt turn, doubling the tempo of the music with bouncy hand-palmed chords and punchier synth sounds. The vocals follow suit while still maintaining their technological harmonies up until the final release where the human qualities of Reinartz’s vocals take centre stage, bringing you in for a warm final embrace before vanishing in a puff of smooth, menthol smoke.

The other track on the release is an instrumental mix of the song ‘Embers,’ which is off the band’s 2015 release ‘Fearsome Places‘. It’s an extra bonus gift for dedicated fans that provides a differing experience without the vocals of the original. Without voice, you are forced to follow the synths with a closer ear, and therefore different patterns guide you throughout the song.

Inaugurate Me is a pleasant treat for fans of The Trick to end off the year, giving a little bit of something new and a new take on something old. It is something nice for their listeners to chew on heading into the new year with a new release likely coming from the band very soon.