Music Video: The Mike Bochoff Band Find ‘Glory’ In A Showcase Showdown

It used to be that any upstanding citizens could find glory for themselves, whether by vanquishing their enemies at the end of their blade or vice versa. Basically if you can manage bloodshed without crying, you can be guaranteed a 1:1 trade-in on some glory. Those opportunities don’t come around all that often these days. Modern generations have had to find their own sources of glory. As The Mike Bochoff Band point out in their new video, the most surefire way to attain greatness is still to face down your enemies in honourable combat, but rather than meeting them on the field of battle, we must defeat them in a Showcase Showdown.

“Wager a bet, on the grandfather clock or the dinette set,” sings Bochoff as he eyes a Ridgeway that normally retails for $3075, but he knows anything could happen.

‘Glory’ is Bochoff’s latest single from the album Distractions, released on January 6th earlier this year. It’s the album’s second single, following the release of ‘Sons of America’.

“Where ‘Sons Of America’ was very serious, we wanted to make this video fun and light-hearted—show a more personal side of the band,” says Bochoff.

What better way to do that than to make themselves at home for a day at Codapop Studios with a little Price Is Right?

“We spent a ton of time recording at Codapop Studios so the setting was very natural. It was a ton of fun to make. Codapop is amazing. Doug Taylor, the owner, has been a great friend of the band for a while and so supportive of us. His studio and Jason, the engineer who works there, are top notch.”

Modern day warriors know that they can still find glory any day of the week without necessarily having to get out of their pyjamas, even if its done vicariously as we watch someone else spinning the wheel. Or singing about it. Don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets.

Tour Dates:

11-18-17 @ Plan B, Moncton,  New Brunswick
12-01-17 @ Timber Lounge, Halifax, Nova Scotia
12-02-17 @ Hunters Ale House, Charlottetown, PEI
12-15-17 @ Belly Up, Truro, Nova Scotia w/ The Town Heroes

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