Elephant Skeletons

Music Video: Elephant Skeletons ‘Back In Time’ Live From Evolve

Our favorite east coast musical, time-traveling, necromancer Elephant Skeletons is brewing up some noise for his upcoming tour with a new self-edited video that was recorded at Evolve by Snow Fall Media.

The video depicts what he’s accomplished while performing on Evolve’s new Temple stage during the witching hour last summer. With a few notes and loops he summoned a mass of bodies, and proceeded to make them dance with fury. Now we know what you’re thinking. “What’s so strange about that?” But, as usual, we have another theory: sorcery.

Despite having been there, what fuzzy memories we have of the night have left us suspicious of the events, and uncertain of any exact details. Our mind and bodies became transposed from the corporeal plane, beyond the normal self-inflicted wishy-washy festival experience . So we went ahead and asked him about it, and we’re pretty sure we’ve figured out the cause of our concern.

“It was a warm and beautiful night,” remembers Cliff Doucette of Elephant Skeletons. “A blanket of stars lay across the sky above the Temple stage. There was an electrifying energy in the air during the whole set. The crowd was dancing, smiling, jumping and shouting with excitement. PsyPhi provided great projection visuals. I remember somebody came up to me after the set and said, ‘I feel like this stage was built for you.’ It wasn’t but it was my favorite stage at the festival and the vibe of it paired well with the vibe I try to charge my music with.” 

Which is exactly what alarmed us. The “electrifying energy”, the “vibe” of the Temple stage and how he “charges” his music. He denies that the stage was built for him, yet demonstrates his ability to utilize its energy flawlessly. We call witchcraft, but you can all review the evidence and decide for yourselves.

If you’re interested in seeing him try to perform at a sacred ground near you he’s provided us with dates and locations of some future rituals that will be taking place. Proceed with caution.

Tour Dates:
11-24-27 @ The Commune, New Glasgow NS w/ Scientists of Sound
12-16-17 @ Baba’s Lounge, Charlottetown PEI w/ Math Class and Buzzcat
12-22-17 @ Peppers Pub, Saint John NB w/ Math Class and Womb to Tomb
12-29-17 @ Gus’ Pub, Halifax NS w/ Math Class and Lizzo

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