Like A Motorcycle Gotham

Like A Motorcycle Headed For Gotham Tonight

You might recognize some familiar sounds amongst the ka-pow! thwack! boom! of tonight’s episode of Gotham. Like A Motorcycle, the halifax-based punk quartet, will be making an auditory appearance on the show via their newest single, ‘Punk One’.

The music supervisor for Gotham was a delegate at the East Coast Music Award two years ago in Sydney, where they met the band. Between them they had very nearly worked out a deal to have the song from Like A Motorcycle‘s 2016 album High Hopes on the show last season.

“It didn’t pan out and we just sort of forgot about it until a few weeks ago when we got the email that we’d be on [tonight’s] episode,” says LAM guitarist kt lamond.

“The cool thing about being placed on Gotham is we actually watch the show. It’s pretty dark and gritty, too, so I think it’s a pretty good fit for our music.”

Gotham is an origin story for many of DC Comic’s super-villains and vigilantes, following the rise of James Gordon’s career and the creation of one of the greatest super heroes of all-time: Batman. Right now all we (including the band) know of tonight’s episode is the title: “Hog Day Afternoon.”

“We don’t even know if it’s the instrumental track or the full track with vocals. All we know is a minute and a half of the tune is being used. I hope it’s one of lil cat woman’s scenes; she’s always hanging out in grimey dirtholes with punks around and shit. We’ve all been discussing the possibility of it being real bad, too, but hopefully it’ll be a cool bar scene or a car chase or something. Or some really cringey fake band playing our song. That would be friggen hilarious.”

The music video the band created for the song is simply guitarist Hot Dave getting down to the business of eating an ice cream cone, but filmed in reverse, for a fascinatingly nauseating effect.

Dave wasn’t entirely keen on the process either.

“Well, turns out he is a bit lactose intolerant. I had no idea,” says lamond. “I was too focused on doing one last push on our sarcastic tangent of constantly objectifying our one male member, trying to flip the “girl band” thing on its head. I didn’t realize it might be a problem for him until he started talking about how he should have taken something for his stomach. Poor guy. I think we’ve hazed him enough at this point. Plus, idiots still constantly call us ‘ladies’ and shit, so I guess it’s not working.”

Gotham airs tonight on CTV and FOX, Thursday, October 26 at 10pm AST.