Future Forest: $30k Worth Of Gear Stolen From Organizer’s Home

Future Forest has already had a big year. They’ve begun announcing what might be their most exciting line-up yet. They’ve got a brand new (semi-secret) location to play with. To top it all off, organizer of the EDM music festival Tim Kukula got another year older. He probably wasn’t expecting his birthday surprise to involve having his house broken into and $30k worth of gear and personal belongings being stolen.

The news broke late last night that Kukula’s home had the door smashed in while he was out celebrating his birthday with family in Fredericton. Upon returning home the property was discovered to have been ransacked by thieves who looted the house of several large items, in particular some of the many valuable pieces of equipment used by the festival.

While a full list of missing items is being compiled, many of the larger, more obvious pieces including Kukula’s personal DJ equipment, computer, electronics, a safe, and collectables are among some of the missing items.

Organizing a musical festival is tough enough while having to deal with regular human necessities, let alone burglaries. Friends and organizers of the festival have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help offset the damage .

“This would be devastating to anyone but to a man who been through the ringer over the past six months and put everything on the line to ensure the running and new land of Future Forest happens this year, it seems unjust and unbearable,” say festival collaborators in the post. “Even for what insurance will cover (not all) it will takes months (sometimes years) to see the cash back. For a man who has already invested every penny he has into the community and festival of future forest and has begun to build the festival from the ground up – cash flow is eminent!”

Kukula was unavailable to comment on how old he is.

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