Like A Motorcycle ECMA (Brenna MacMillan/The East)

Like A Motorcycle Wins At ECMAs – Pawns Award

Last week Halifax punk quartet Like A Motorcycle left Saint John with a little more hardware than they arrived with, taking home the 2017 East Coast Music Award for Rising Star Of The Year. Rather than giving it a spot of honour over the fireplace, or even using it like some bands have as fancy chalice (we hear they taste like microwave), Like A Motorcycle have decided to pawn the award, but for a good cause.

In a late night Facebook post (where all good decision are made) the band issued a statement saying that while they were very honoured to have received the award they felt it could serve better purposes.

The band will be auctioning the award off over the next two weeks, with all of the proceeds going towards Halifax based non-profit Phoenix House, a community group whose mandate is to engage and support displaced youth.

“We are absolutely honoured to have received this award – help a bunch of dirty punks turn this fancy metal into something that supports the future punk bands, artists and creatives in Halifax!”

“We’re a bunch of obnoxious punks, we get it, we aren’t your typical east coast band so, we were completely shocked when we won,” says guitarist KT Lamond, (though we were not the least bit shocked).

“A few years ago we were hanging with some kids from Phoenix House after a big outdoor show who couldn’t afford tickets; they talked nonstop about wanting some instruments to play and generally being stoked on music. The next time we saw them they were the ones on stage playing in their own band ‘Sugarcaine’. We’ve since discussed doing a fundraiser for Phoenix to help them buy some instruments. Suddenly, this light bulb kind of turned on. We figured we could leverage this corporate-funded award into something greater than mere satisfaction for our normal idiot selves and pay it forward – to kids that literally are your next punk bands, artists and creatives. Better than this elegant piece collecting dust in our gross house!”

The auction has been running since about 10:30pm, Sunday, May 7th, and within one hour saw bids as high as $200. The auction will run until Tuesday, May 23rd at 5:00pm. The band will then enter into a Mexican standoff with the highest bidder, hand delivering the trophy as soon as the total sum of the winning bid has been properly conveyed to Phoenix House.

Those wishing to place a bit can visit though the band also encourages people to make their own donations directly to Phoenix House at