Arsoniste Spider

Music Video: Arsoniste Releases ‘Spider’

Arsoniste’s Rachel Sunter is a special kind of dangerous. Like many enigmatic characters she has the power to fill a room, draw you in, and dance away just out of reach. But the web she spins in the band’s new song ‘Spider’ is not a tale of her own.

Sunter says that the song is actually not a story about herself, but one that does tell of some real life relationship troubles. The song alludes to the story of two of Sunter’s friends, who had just been alerted to the fact that the were unknowing parties of a love triangle.

“Last month this explosive situation unfolded over a restaurant table at a girls’ night out, where we realized that our two friends were both in relationships with the same girl, and neither of them realized this. Both assumed they were her boyfriend, like to the point of flying to see her, making future plans, meeting family, etc. We told the guys, and they were super sad, and ended up talking to each other about it to commiserate. I was so amazed because it was just crazy that for months two guys could date the same girl and think that they were her ‘only one’.”

Sunter explains that the song is ultimately about being totally disarmed and deceived by your lover. And even after knowing you’ve been had, still feeling totally helpless in your affections.

“I think a lot of people assume I’m singing about myself. I’m fine with that ambiguity so the listener can find different ways to relate, but people have been really moved by this song — they can feel the pain
and that’s what I really want.”

Director/producer Halley Davies, and film editor Devon Patrick-Reilly, both of Halifax, working to put the video together in a rush. Working against the clock in guitarist Dan Chevrier’s living room they managed to get it together just in time for CBC’s annual searchlight contest.

“Halley was a darling. Really positive, had all conceptual lighting ideas about the spiderweb, and chose great angles.  From modelling I have a semi-good idea of angles and lighting in terms of looking good, but really I have no experience with music videos. I’m glad she took the reins. Devon actually saved our ass because on the deadline day of submission, she helped us upload the video. It was very tight.”