Music Video: District Avenue Releases ‘Revival’

From out of Tobique First Nation in New Brunswick comes an album that’s been recorded in Toronto, and a video that was produced in New York, about the uprising of Tin Men from your nightmares, that probably came from playing too many video games in the early 2000s. District Avenue releases ‘Revival’ today, the first single off of their 2016 debut album ‘Epoch’.

District Avenue kicked out the stops to produced this video, going full CGI to render them in a post-apocalyptic (or at least forgotten) world of rust and discarded toys, and rats.

“We worked with New York based animator Jay Marks. I thought it was time to make us stand out a bit. I had seen one of his videos on YouTube, and I liked he’s style right away. [We] contacted him and the rest is history,” says vocalist Mike Bernard.

Having already found what they liked producing the video was just a matter of handing over the lyrics to the song, and giving Marks the freedom to do what he wanted

“I mean we added a few things and took out a couple things. But all in all, we were all speechless in what came out of it. Amazing work.”

Bernard says that the song is about rising out of the trenches of life. Something the band relates to first hand with the dissolution of their first manifestation as ‘Kickin’ Krotch’. The band say they’ve worked hard over the last couple years to reform, restructure, and really change their sound. The result is reminiscent of early 2000 punk rockers like Alkaline Trio or Thrice.

“Music helps people forget their problems. And if we can all work towards a better place, so be it. We changed our name and sound a couple years ago. The song represents us coming back from a dormant state. We were sort of out of the spotlight for awhile. Took us a while to find our new sound.”

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