Dillon Ryan's Hindsight

New Music: Dillon Ryan’s Hindsight’s ‘Anxiety Love Song’

Head-bopping is never a bad thing, unless you have neck problems. Dillon Ryan’s Hindsight‘s newest release, ‘Anxiety Love Song’ is not merely catchy; it’s contagious. So put on your neck brace, and get ready to dance.

Just about every bit of nervous suffering and restlessness that can be experienced in matters of the heart are crammed into this three and a half minute track. Juxtaposed with pop-infused personality, ‘Anxiety Love Song’ pretty accurately portrays the contrasting feelings that one experiences in those awkward, early moments of courtship. Throw in a little self-doubt, and you’re in a for a hit. Or at least something that hits home to anyone who’s ever felt conflicted about such tender topics. Ok, so everyone.

“It’s not the sign of who I am, and I don’t think you’ll understand me.
Oh, no no no no no no.
It’s not the way I really am, I’m just afraid of what I can and cannot do. Oh no no no no no no.” 

That being said, Ryan admits that romantic love wasn’t necessarily the inspiration for the song. “It’s basically all rooted in the constant back and forth struggles of people and their anxiety. Whether it be with meeting a new person, interacting in the workplace, or small talk with people, etc. I basically used a new relationship with anxiety as the template.”

“I like to feel that all of my songs are somewhat autobiographical, but also very relatable to most people. In my songs, when I’m using “me” or “I”, I’m generally playing a character that embodies the particular traits that the song deals with. Certain songs definitely hit closer to who I actually am though.”

Since 2013, Dillon Ryan’s Hindsight has released both a self-titled EP and their full-length album, Charlotte Street Haze. As Dillon himself has evolved, it seems so has their sound. “We started off as more of a dark, shoegaze rock band with very spacey kind of music. I feel like since the full length record and with this new single, we have gotten a much stronger pop sensibility, but still musically sticking with a lot of the post-punk/indie rock musical politics.”

“All these obstacles and ‘mistakes’ that we make along the road are extremely necessary. For example, if I hadn’t have played in different bands of different genres over the years and had just immediately begun with a solo endeavour, I don’t think the band’s music would have much depth or diversity. I’ve learned to embrace all personal and musical mistakes in my past because a lot of times even a mistake was rooted in a good idea or concept somewhere in the path you took.”

Dillon Ryan’s Hindsight are getting ready to produce another EP with producer and musician, John Mullane of In Flight Safety this fall.