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Exclusive: Folly Fest Announces 2016 Lineup

Folly Fest is three days of ‘getting down and dirty dancin’ in the dust’ alongside the Saint John River in beautiful little Gagetown. Well known for being the friendliest festival in the Maritimes, it’s unsurprisingly also one of the most popular with performers and festival-goers alike. Today we have the official announcement of who you can expect to find on stage. Continue reading Exclusive: Folly Fest Announces 2016 Lineup

Folly Fest 2015

“You’re snoring.”

That’s odd. I hadn’t heard anyone snoring. Then a crackling sting spreads across my scorched flesh and with it comes a sudden and embarrassing realisation. I had been sitting there on the shores of the Saint John River, warming myself in the sunshine, when my lights finally winked out. Folly Fest is a gruelling three days of nearly non-stop revelry and music, and only those possessing a superhuman level of endurance, or a source of military grade energy drink, can survive the sixty hour-long gauntlet without blinking. Continue reading Folly Fest 2015