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New Music: Clouds Become Oceans’ ‘Paths’

Life is a journey and there are many pathways to be explored. For most people – even the most artistic of folks – adventure plays second fiddle to the mainstream. ‘Paths,’ the freshman album from Clouds Become Oceans, is the work of an emerging experimental artist who chooses to take the road less travelled. Continue reading New Music: Clouds Become Oceans’ ‘Paths’

New Music: Dance Movie’s ‘Pierce’

Dance Movie is back. The Halifax-based group recently released ‘Pierce,’ their first new recorded material in almost five years, but it’s been well worth the wait. With eleven tracks recorded over a five-day music bender, Dance Movie’s captivating blend of upbeat rock and mellow indie pop is built upon deeply emotional lyrics, giving their sound a unique blend of both power and vulnerability at the same time. Continue reading New Music: Dance Movie’s ‘Pierce’