The Best Music Of 2016 (So Far)

Believe it or not, 2016 is already half over. Gone are the days of shovelling (for now) and the summer heat and holidays are in full swing. 2016 has already been a great year for music on the East Coast, from festivals and awards to music videos and albums. With countless summer parties on the horizon, you need some of the best new east coast music on your playlist. Here are our favourite songs released by east coast artists so far in 2016: Continue reading The Best Music Of 2016 (So Far)

New Music: Jared Lutes’ ‘The Rest Of Your Life’

A story of perseverance reminiscent of Markita Andrews, Jared Lutes’ musical career is a testament to the old adage, “and if I can do it, anyone can—as long as you believe in yourself!” Coming from humble beginnings as an oldest son in Moncton, New Brunswick and proving his steadfastness through such challenges as vocal chord surgery and muscle tension dysphoria, Lutes has come out on top with a string of awards culminating in his recent win of ‘2015 Solo Record of the Year’ at the MusicNB Awards. All of this has led to his fifth and most recent release aptly named ‘The Rest Of Your Life’. 

Continue reading New Music: Jared Lutes’ ‘The Rest Of Your Life’

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