A Very David Myles Christmas

As singer-songwriter David Myles stands in Brunswick Square, suited up and singing Christmas songs in return for donations to the food bank, we can’t help but call it as we see it: David Myles is the king of the 2014 holiday season. It may sound like a bold proclamation but, believe us, we have good reason. It’s hard to find a busier man than the Fredericton native this season; with a new album out, titled ‘It’s Christmas’, a performance on the Christmas Daddies telethon, and his fifth annual Singing for Supper tour, there’s no denying Myles has taken on a holiday theme this year. Continue reading A Very David Myles Christmas

A Fireside Chat With Mike Biggar

“I’m a dynamo! Pew-pew-pew!” Mike Biggar launches into the interview with both guns blazing. He’s had two cups of coffee, or at least two that I’ve seen, and they’re both working. Mike is a country musician and, full disclosure, I’m not a country music fan, so when I say his album, ‘Feels Like Now’, is listenable, that is high praise indeed. There’s even an unnerving sense that it has grown on me, but Mike waylays any fears of early onset Achy-Breaky-Heart-Disease, “I’m not a very twangy, cowboy hat wearing… My Keith Urban hair is the closest I get to Nashville. I try to not put the word ‘country’ out without the word ‘roots’; I worry that people get the impression that I’m striving to be a representative of the most country of country music.” Continue reading A Fireside Chat With Mike Biggar

Tomato/Tomato Release Video For ‘Toss It All Away’

Today, Tomato/Tomato‘s John and Lisa McLaggan announced the release of their first video, ‘Toss It All Away’.

“The song is about those days where you just want to throw in the towel and disappear from the world a bit; just live off the land with your family”, Lisa tells me. Suitable to the song’s themes, the video itself is the quintessence of simplicity, a window on the everyday adorableness that the Saint John duo embody. “Basically, we did it all live, we really wanted to capture what we do at our shows,” which is to say, all that fancy footwork isn’t the product of elaborate cinematography and clever video splicing, but the genuine Tomato/tomato experience. Lisa’s combination washboard/kick-drum/kick-tambourine tap-dance is an impressive staple to their live performances. Continue reading Tomato/Tomato Release Video For ‘Toss It All Away’

Stephen Scott, The Definitive Neopostromantic

Stephen Scott scribbles a string of letters along the bottom edge of a newspaper, before tearing it off. “That’s me, that’s what I am,” he says, passing it to me. The letters, all capitals, spell out NEOPOSTROMANTIC. Nearly everything else he’s said has gone well over my head,  but I’m fairly certain this word is as unique as Stephen. I ask him to sign it, a postmodern portrait of the artist, and slip it into my pocket.

Stephen is an artist’s artist. He’s been at it for some time now; having attended the Ontario College of Art, completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Mount Allison in 1978, followed by a Master of Arts in Arts Therapy from Concordia in 1998. He is intensely introspective, reflective, and authentic. His works possess a depth to them that I have only been able to glimpse the near edge of with the aid of a guided tour. “I’m a submerging artist, meaning I’ve been around for a while. More and more and more younger artists are coming out, and I’m feeling that I’m getting to be a little bit senior. I’m over the hill, age-wise; I’ve been at it for a while. I’m supposed to be in mid-stream, established, and not really having to go for those prizes which bring visibility in a hurry.” Continue reading Stephen Scott, The Definitive Neopostromantic

Adam Washburn: Musician In Transition

The first time I saw Adam Washburn perform with his new band, The Elements, was at the Halifax Urban Folk Festival this August, and I was blown away. They have a feel good, folk-pop vibe, that relies as much on electric guitars and bass, as it does on acoustic instruments, and their energetic mix of original tunes was balanced nicely by a cover of “Red Heart” by East Coast power group Hey Rosetta!. I met up with Adam Washburn at the Economy Shoe Shop in Halifax, which, for those not in the know, is not, in fact, a place to buy footwear, but a restaurant by day, and a music venue by night. Continue reading Adam Washburn: Musician In Transition

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