New Music: Sperry Alan’s ‘Raw With Intent’

Raw With Intent will be the third album release for Truro, Nova Scotia resident John Alan Sperry a.k.a, Sperry Alan. Opening with a precision guitar flare that echoes with the sound of country rock, I was expecting a continuation of a hair raising twang, but was surprised (not to my disappointment) with a taste of the East Coast. A decadent mix of folk and alternative rock, Sperry has mustered a combination that leaves you with the nostalgia of a Moosehead beer commercial—all the images a traditional East Coast party. This album has all the heel tapping rhythm and off-kilter cadence you would expect from quintessential Canadian rock music. I could easily find myself sweating it out at a local pub with a few chums, beer in hand, lost in the myriad of sounds, but I digress… Continue reading New Music: Sperry Alan’s ‘Raw With Intent’

New Music: Erin Costelo’s ‘Down Below, The Status Quo’

All the words that are typically used to describe soul music fall short in trying to describe Erin Costelo’s new album. Soulful, smooth, silky, they fizzle in the face of her heartfelt lyrics and accomplished production team. With a background in classical and electronic music, Costelo is bringing it home and baring it all with Down Below, The Status Quo. Continue reading New Music: Erin Costelo’s ‘Down Below, The Status Quo’

Picaroons Has Bigger Plans For New Brunswick

This week Picaroons is opening the newest of its locations in Saint John. The new brewtique will offer a selection of beer, produced locally, as well as operating as something best described as an artisanal general store. But it’s just one part of the bigger puzzle that Picaroons is putting together. In fact, it’s only one of three locations they’re opening in New Brunswick this year. Continue reading Picaroons Has Bigger Plans For New Brunswick

Igor’s Iceman

Igor Dobrolovskiy practically beats his chest. Though sitting, he puffs it out further still and makes a series of emphatic gestures as he demonstrates his physical skill, “I’m a professional dancer. I’m not the same shape like before, of course. I’m over fifty,” he says through a laugh with that easy charm which is only ever attained by foreign gentlemen of a certain age. “Still, I show class. Like today, I have to move. I have to move my legs and show them.” He gestures again in a sort of seated pirouette, his heavy imperial moustache impressively staying in place. Continue reading Igor’s Iceman

New Music: Shotgun Jimmie’s ‘Field of Trampolines’

‘Field of Trampolines’ is Shotgun Jimmie’s summer anthem for the adventures of young twenty-somethings. Written on the tail-end of a summer-long Canadian tour and produced in a four-day recording stint by Nova Scotia’s own star, Joel Plaskett, the album echoes late night campfires, beach days, and road trips. Continue reading New Music: Shotgun Jimmie’s ‘Field of Trampolines’

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