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Mark Hemmings Publishes New Book ‘A Well-Lit Path’

Mark Hemmings, photographer, Saint Johner, and poorly disguised international man of mystery, has been living out his habitual jet-set life – travelling around the world photographing all manner of things. Just the typical sort of stuff Mark gets up to, and the rest of us dream about. Fortunately, before you keel over from an acute case of lifestyle envy, Hemmings has just self-published his second book, ‘A Well-Lit Path’, and not only is it full of his photographs of beautiful and exotic far-off-lands, but it also contains a helpful instructional guide, so that you too may someday be a skilled jet-set photographer. Continue reading Mark Hemmings Publishes New Book ‘A Well-Lit Path’

Mark Hemmings: Travelling Light

The speed of light is a mind boggling 299,792,458 meters per second. In the length of time it took you to read that sentence, light could have travelled the distance from the Earth to the Moon twice. The stuff buzzes around the universe like it owns the place. The challenge of capturing the fastest known substance under just the right conditions and circumstances seems impossible at its worst, and audacious at its best.  For skilled professionals, like Mark Hemmings, it’s just a walk in the park. Continue reading Mark Hemmings: Travelling Light

Bob Boudreau: Making It Big In The Small Time

When I was growing up my father built a model railroad. Its first incarnation was nothing more than a plywood sheet with a couple of tracks running around a station, but it dominated our small garage. It later came to reside in the basement of our new house where it expanded; stucco mountains and lichen forests appeared, a small town settled next to the lake in the valley, and the number of trains passing through increased with every model train show we attended. We’d buy stacks of old issues of Model Railroader Magazine, and while I’d be envisioning the vast miniature empires I might someday rule over, my father would point out photos from the magazine and say, “That’s one of Bob Boudreau’s. He lives here.”

Continue reading Bob Boudreau: Making It Big In The Small Time

The Portraiture of James Wilson

“Left, left, left, left, last right before gravel and you’re there.” These were photographer James Wilson’s minimalist directions to his Hampton studio traveling from the highway. I’m running late, as usual, and coming at it backwards, taking the scenic route through the Kingston Peninsula. “Right, right, right, right, left, oops, there it is”, and whoosh —straight past his studio and into the weeds. Cursing, I course correct and pull up a steep drive to a rambling century home where Mr. Wilson appears from within — self-possessed and welcoming. Continue reading The Portraiture of James Wilson

Amy Ash And The Photos Of Your Long Lost Cousins

Amy Ash may have left New Brunswick two years ago for the bustle of London, but the Hampton born artist took a part of the province with her. Her work has been comprised of paint, and thread, and old bits of paper; a magpie’s collage spread across all manner of mediums, but central to much of her recent work has been the people of New Brunswick in the form of their lost and discarded photographs. “I have such a soft spot for [photo albums]. They took up a large part of my luggage to London. It’s ridiculous, but I now have all these New Brunswick faces of people I don’t even know. I know it’s weird, but I can’t help myself. I’ve kind of displaced them along with myself.” Continue reading Amy Ash And The Photos Of Your Long Lost Cousins