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Our Top Stories Of 2017

In his song ‘As Days Go By’, Jesse Frederick immortalized the words, “It’s a rare condition, this day and age, to read any good news on the newspaper page.” That was in 1989: a time before 9/11, Twitter, and Donald Trump’s political career. If he had only know what the next few decades would bring…  2017 was, at best, a warning shot. It was a new benchmark. It was a year that should stand out in history as a lesson, a painful reminder that we can do better, because while we could do worse, we wouldn’t survive it very long.

While we’re not unaffected by the relentless barrage 2017 has offered, we’ve been fortunate to cover a lot of really great stories here on the east coast. Here are the ones that were most popular this year. Continue reading Our Top Stories Of 2017

Peer Review: The Best Music of 2017

Another year has passed, and our annual bounty of music has been replenished. And by ‘replenished,’ we really mean ‘who can remember everything we listened to this year.’ Seriously, it’s  a lot to keep track of. There are government funded agencies who keep lists of these things. So, we called in the experts once again to let us know what they thought was the best music of 2017. Have a gander. Continue reading Peer Review: The Best Music of 2017