Art Of The Possible

New Music: Art of the Possible Favour Authenticity With Release of ‘Passerby’

Today, Fredericton’s 6-piece band Art of the Possible is releasing their debut EP Passerby after it spent years in the making. Mixing 90s grunge rock, jazz, blues and folk, this 6-track release delivers eclectic sounds made to inspire the energy of a live performance— something that is characteristically east coast and that Art of the Possible are no strangers to.

The EP starts off with the grungiest song on the album, ‘Bury Me’; it is one of two songs on the release that discuss the experiences and challenges of songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Colin Fowlie of breaking into the music scene at a later stage in life than most.

The second song on the topic, ‘Passerby,’ has a much more bluesy feel and is probably the catchiest track on the EP. It is full of deep grooves that dig into your soul and give you a glimpse into Fowlie’s journey. Lyrics like, “I’m just young enough to realize that I’m not too old to try, to switch it on and not just be a passerby” carry Fowlie’s story while making people want to dance along.

The second and fourth songs, ‘Dark of Day’ and ‘Sanctuary’, take on a more folk-rock feel. They discuss the troubles of failed relationships and the struggles of mental illness—topics that are more widely relatable. And ‘For the Money’, the jazziest song on the release, discusses the abuse of power and what sorts of consequences those actions and ingrained values will have on our future generations.

Though Art of the Possible mixes a variety of genres and musical backgrounds, the entire EP carries a steady rock ‘n’ roll feel. The recordings may not be perfectly polished, but the band aimed to create an authentic sound that did not stray too far from the qualities of their live performances. The band’s strong and varied musical talents shine through in these songs, and the lyrics are well thought out and ring true.

“We wanted this to be a learning experience in recording and production as well as a way to put some of our music out there and see if it resonated with people before we went all-in on a more ambitious recording project,” says Fowlie.

“We had fun. We made mistakes. We learned a lot, and we were left with something that is far from perfect, but it’s a good representation of what people will hear if they come to a show. We didn’t want to get carried away with a lot of extra layers and sounds that we can’t reproduce in a live environment.”

While live performances and studio recordings are expected to be quite different by nature, we admire their commitment to authenticity in their performances—both live and recorded.

Art of the Possible will be performing tonight for their official album release at Grimross Brewing Company in Fredericton at 8:00 p.m.

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