Ceeb Dread

Musician Launches Campaign For Fredericton Community Kitchen

The Fredericton Community Kitchen does a lot for those who can’t afford to eat in the Fredericton area. A lot. Both in-house and sent out for delivery, meals served by the Community Kitchen add up to over 14,000 each month. In order to give back, Fredericton rapper Eric Claybourne, better known as Ceeb Dread, has organized a fundraiser to help the Community Kitchen and to thank them for everything they do for our local community.

Head chef Louis Cosman has worked in the industry since 1982, in every position, in every situation. From hotels to work camps, he has done it all, but the Fredericton Community Kitchen is a dream job for him. Cosman says that for him it’s about the community and giving people dignity. He’s put an emphasis on shifting away from the stigma of a soup kitchen to providing delicious food “just like you’d find your mother’s kitchen.”

It’s about making sure hungry people get fed, and leave there with their heads held high.

Both the amount of work the Fredericton Community Kitchen does on a regular basis and the demand for it are absolutely staggering. They served over 72,000 meals last year, half of which were served in-house. It’s a number they say reflects the number of individuals just within walking distance of the Kitchen.

With 8 staff members and over 300 volunteers, The Community Kitchen serves more than just the homeless; they serve anyone who cannot afford to put food on their table. They help individuals, families and event organizations in the area. They also supply an outstanding amount of food to schools and students.

“The one thing everyone coming through our doors have in common is that they’re all hungry,” says Therese Murray, Executive Director of The Community Kitchen. “What does that look like? People who are trying to make ends meet, people with low income, students, elderly people…”

Murray says she tries to be mindful of the words of Wale Ayeni, whose quote hangs on the wall of the Community Kitchen’s office, “Be thankful for what you have. Your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else’s fairytale.”

Claybourne surprised the Community Kitchen with the fundraiser. Murray says that she found Claybourne’s offer touching, “We thought it was a wonderful gift, and a great way to pay it forward…”

“The Fredericton Community Kitchen is giving people hope when none could be found, hope for a better day. […] A whole family can eat there. It’s not just for the homeless; it’s for anyone who can’t afford to eat, buy groceries or the like. I’m grateful they exist and giving back to them is just my way of saying ‘thanks ya’ll,'” says Claybourne.

The We Do For We – Feed The Homeless With Ceeb Dread fundraiser event will be held at Grimross Brewing in Fredericton March 1st from 7:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. and will feature live music performances by The Third Party, Terrance CA Paul, NFP – We Do For We and Ceeb Dread himself. Cover will be $8 with a non-perishable food item (or $10 with no item).

For more ways you can donate visit Fredericton Community Kitchen.